Flexible mirror with LED

The best partner with cosmetics. You can easily control the angle and position of mirror, and bright LED light will help your nice ‘Make-up’!

It can be installed easy on your console, desk or wall mirror by suction mounting by one touch

Long Kitchen Scissors

Let’s meet the cultural shock products! 

Scissors are used for cutting hub or similar in US kitchen. But these are best kitchen tool in Korea. Kitchen scissors are convenient and useful tool to cut meets, fish, vegetables, and sometimes poultry bone. These are used before cooking(preparing), during cooking(even in the hotpot), and after cooking.

If you have cut the Steak and Korean BBQ (KALBI) with other kitchen scissors and HANHOME’s Kitchen scissors, You will be a fan of HANHOME kitchen scissors

Clean tight ziplock bag

These ‘Aluminum Foil Pouch Bags’ basically designed for multipurpose
These are perfect for Coffee Beans, Cookie Snack, Dried Flowers, dehydrated food, garden seeds, powder, also fit for liquids with good leakproofness. 

These are made by ‘Food grade’ material. One side is high quality aluminum, another side is premium quality clear plastic. These are premium tight ziplock.

This stand up bags are Sturdy, Strong Sealing, Reusable by cleaning